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Hydroseeding was developed out of necessity when the Interstate Highway System construction began. At the time, conventional seeding techniques couldn't seed the steep hillsides. Hydroseeding was developed as the answer to this problem. It quickly became a success with positive results.

Hydroseeding is simply mixing various grass seed, water, fertilizer, and mulch, and then delivering it under pressure with a hose. The mulch is implemented as a protective layer over the seeds as they begin to germinate and grow. Lawns created through hydroseeding typically grow faster due to faster triggering of the germination cycle. Grass can be visible in just 5-7 days.

There are a number of benefits with hydroseeding. Unlike traditional lawns that are dry seeded and covered with straw, lawns that are hydroseeded have an attractive green appearance. Another advantage is that hydro seeded mulch does not contain the weed seed that straw contains. Straw creates an unsightly mess that must be removed from the lawn after seeding. Hydroseeding mulch adds humus to the lawn as it decomposes; straw will leach nitrogen from the soil as it decomposes.

HydroSeeding promotes the use of proper seed for each area of your lawn. The right seed can be used for shady or high traffic areas. Our Hydroseeding experts can provide you with a beautiful new lawn that is tailored to your needs.

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