We offer a variety of services in Strasburg, Brewster, Navarre, Dover, New Philadelphia, Massillon, Bolivar, Canton, Jackson Township, Stark County and Tuscarawas County.

  • Lawn Maintenance

    From commercial property maintenance to residential solutions, Winfield Companies LLC is here to keep your outdoor space in top condition this season. Serving the entire New Philadelphia area, our team of knowledgeable trusted landscaping professionals is here to match you with the right services for your property.

    We provide a complete selection of lawn care services and treatments, including vegetation control, weed removal, trimming, mowing, and more.

    Feel free to learn more about our lawn care services below, or contact us to schedule your first appointment today!

  • Landscaping

    Winfield Companies LLC provides detailed and comprehensive landscaping and fertilizing services to all of New Philadelphia. From insect and weed control to applying balanced, slow-release fertilizers, let our team of trained professionals give your yard the look you’ve always wanted.

    Feel free to contact us at (330) 343-2747 to schedule your fertilizing or landscaping services today!

    Let us unlock your property's full potential. Our trained Design Specialist will work with you to develop a vision for your property and our trusted team will get it there. Various services we offer include mulching, edging, planting, weed and vegetation control, lighting, and more.

  • Topsoil Install

    Topsoil may be the most important part of your new lawn installation or new landscaping. Topsoil is the top layer of soil that contains the organic matter and microorganisms that are needed for plant growth. This is where plants obtain most of their nutrients and develop their root systems. If you don’t have good topsoil even the healthiest plants can’t thrive. The lawn care experts at Winfield Companies LLC will deliver and install the highest quality topsoil to your Dover or New Philadelphia home in preparation for grass seeding and/or plant installation. We use only the best quality topsoil in all of our landscaping projects and our new lawn installations.

  • Light Excavating & Drainage Work

    Is your Strasburg area lawn full of standing water or puddles? Do you see mildew or mild in your basement? The standing water on your lawn can cause these issues and promote turf diseases or funguses on your lawn. Winfield Companies LLC and our experienced technicians have been providing advice and solutions to lawn drainage problems in the Strasburg area for over a decade. We will work with you to design a drainage system that you can afford.

  • Hydoseeding

    Hydroseeding mixes selected grass seeds, water, fertilizer and mulch and delivers it under pressure with a hose. A beautiful lawn is quickly created for our customers in Tuscarawas County faster as the contact of the seed with water triggers the germination cycle. The mulch protects the seed from temperature and moisture extremes, forming a protective layer over the soil as the seeds begin to germinate and grow. Usually, grass will be visible in 5-7 days. Hydroseeding allows the use of the proper seed for each area of your lawn.

    Hydroseeding has an attractive green appearance unlike the traditional laundry seeded and covered with straw mulch. Straw is loaded with weed seed, and the straw used in the dry seeding creates an unsightly mess that must be removed from the lawn after seeding. Hydroseeding mulch adds humus to the lawn as it decomposes; straw will leach nitrogen from the soil as it decomposes. Our Hydroseeding experts can provide you with a beautiful new lawn that is tailored to our needs.

  • Aeration

    Aeration & thatching are easy ways to improve the overall health of your lawn. Lawn aeration creates holes in the soil that allows water and air to circulate around the lawn's root system. This circulation of air and water around the roots helps to prevent fungal invasions that can damage a lawn.

    Thatching a lawn removes the excessive build-up of unwanted materials that choke out air, water and sunlight. it removes the dead roots, decomposing grass and other debris that insects and other pests thrive in.

    Aeration & thatching together encourages the growth of healthy microorganisms in the soil and also increases the amount of water and nutrients for your lawn to consume. The aeration & thatching professionals at Winfield Companies LLC are happy to provide a free estimate for these services.

  • Snow/Ice


    As a business owner in Tuscarawas County, snow removal service for your business property is essential in the winter months. When a snowstorm hits Bolivar, Dover, New Philadelphia and Strasburg it can disrupt your business and cause lost customers and reduced revenue. Contracted commercial snow and ice removal service ensure that your business can operate regardless of the weather.

    Snow and ice removal is often done in adverse weather conditions or in early morning or late evening hours. Our professional operators can provide prompt, dependable service when a winter storm hits. We use well-maintained, state of the art equipment for safe, efficient snow removal.

    A service contract will ensure that your business is protected with commercial snow removal services during the winter season. After an assessment of your business location and a discussion about your business needs, we will give you an accurate quote for commercial snow and ice removal services. You can ensure safety for employees and customers during the worst of Tuscarawas County winters.

  • Lawn Spraying

    Winfield Companies LLC offers an all-inclusive 6 step fertilizing program with lime application or we can customize a lawn spraying and fertilizing plan that best fits your needs. We will do a free lawn analysis and talk with you to determine what treatment or applications should be made to ensure a healthier, greener lawn. As your lawn care professional, our educated and experienced staff will also advise on proper watering and mowing practices and other cultural issues such as shade and traffic, which can greatly impact the health and appearance of your lawn. We also offer irrigation start-ups in the spring and irrigation blowouts in the fall. We can assist you with any lawn sprinkler or irrigation maintenance and repairs as well. We are dedicated to happy, satisfied customers with healthy, quality lawns. Whether you are wanting the all-inclusive fertilizing program or just in need of assistance with weeds, insects or diseases in your lawn, Winfield Companies LLC is the professional difference for lawn spraying in the New Philadelphia area.

  • Mulching

    Mulching with bark mulch creates a neat, attractive look to flower beds, but mulching also has many other benefits. Mulch inhibits the growth of weeds that are unattractive and can steal vital nutrients from the plants that you are working so hard to keep healthy. It smothers weeds, prevents sunlight from reaching weed seeds in the soil and reduces the chance of weed seed germination. Mulch helps to retain an optimal amount of moisture in the soil and helps to regulate the soil temperature. It slows down water evaporation and protects plant roots from winter temperature fluctuations that are common in Stark County. As mulch breaks down and decomposes, it leeches nutrients into the soil where it can improve the organic structure of the soil.

    Our landscape professionals are familiar with the conditions in the North Canton and Jackson Township areas and can help you improve the appearance and health of your plantings by installing the proper mulch for your needs.

  • Spring/Fall Cleanup

    Spring and Fall Cleanups include: blowing or raking leaves from landscape beds, trimming back any plants that require it at that time, cleaning leaves and debris from window wells and any corners where they have collected, picking up any sticks or debris from the lawn, finished with standard mowing. We can also re-edge flower beds, apply mulch, redefine borders of the lawn, and re-seed any damaged areas of your lawn as desired. We also offer additional services such as fertilizing programs and aeriation/thatching that can help keep your lawn healthy and green. 

  • Automower


    The Husqvarna Automower gives you a perfect lawn, it is easy to use and you will never need to mow again. It cuts your lawn daily, rain or shine, cutting just small bits of grass. The tiny clippings fall into the soil where they decompose and provide nutrients to the roots. The Automower automatically recharges, no more trips to the gas station, and it has low noise and emissions, a greener way to have a greener way to have a greener lawn. Winfield Power Equipment has the Husqvarna Automower that is goof for lawns of any size and terrain, even steep slopes.

  • Mosquito Spraying

    We specialize in the reduction of mosquitoes using our specially formulated EPA approved barrier spray. 

    Our sprays are made up of Pyrethroids, man-made versions of pyrethrins, which are natural insecticides from chrysanthemum flowers.  This is the same ingredient used by much of the agricultural industry and is also found in children’s lice shampoo and flea collars. It has an immediate knock-down affect along with a poly-coating to withstand the elements of weather – it will not wash away in the rain or break-down in the sun like the spray of our competitors.  We target the areas around your home where mosquitoes breed - shrubs, plants, trees, around decks, etc.


    Our unique barrier spray formula kills all mosquitoes and their eggs that are present at the time of application and creates a protective barrier for weeks. The treatment takes approximately 20-30 minutes and there is no need for you to be home.  We deliver your treatment and leave a note informing you that your home is protected.  We reapply our barrier spray every 21 days from April through September to maintain a Bite-Free Backyard. 

    The spray is odorless and transparent and the treated areas can be used as soon as the spray is dried, typically within 30 minutes.  Most importantly, our product is safe for kids and pets and it won’t harm your plants. Also offering packages for stink bugs, carpenter bees, fleas, ticks, biting flies and spiders

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